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Quattro Alarm Clock – Subetha

Quattro Alarm Clock

Over on “we make money not art” they have a report on a new alarm clock. Yea, I know what you are thinking, yawn not another alarm clock. But wait a second, this has some rather unusual aspects. Didier Hilhorst and Nicholas Zambetti’s Quattro alarm clock is a translucent box without visible buttons markings. Its function depends on which way up you have it, either a radio, and alarm timer or a clock. What is unusual here is that when you move near the clock it can somehow sense your presence and illuminates its touch sensitive controls. Now the last part is a bit strange so brace yourself… It has a separate teddybear that you squeeze to activate the snooze function. I assume that throttling it or throwing the little furball across the room will have the same effect.

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