The Village (2004)

I did my usual last night and picked up a film to watch without really knowing too much about it except what I remembered from the trailer when it was on the cinema. In fact I didn’t even read the back cover and I am so glad I didn’t. To start with don’t bother to watch The Village if you expect fountains of comic blood and body parts being hacked off or aliens invading the earth and Will Smith saving it (as usual). This film may be classed as horror/suspense but it is definitely a suspense film, the horror has been replaced with a story that simply works and has a huge twist at the end with plenty of hints throughout to keep you guessing. If you know what the story is, other than that there is something in the woods, then it wont be half as gripping so don’t read about the film, don’t get the inside knowledge from your local critic, just watch it…

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