Seven Times Lucky (2004)

Kevin Pollak (The Usual Suspects) and Liane Balaban (New Waterford Girl) star in Seven Times Lucky, a con-game neo-noir from writer/director G.B. Yates, his feature film debut.

When a veteran grifter (Pollak) loses a stack of the boss’ cash on a bad horse tip, his talented young protégé (Balaban) devises a risky scheme to get the money back. Seven Times Lucky spins a twisting yarn with a colourful cast of hustlers and thieves out for the big score. Featuring supporting players James Tolkan (Back To The Future), Gordon Tootoosis (Reindeer Games) and Babz Chula (Last Wedding).

This is a nice enough low budget Canadian film with a complex and twisting plot that is unfortunately a little too easy to guess as you go along especially since it is a tiny bit repetitive with switch after switch after switch. The acting was reasonable and its well shot although I don’t think it deserved quite as much praise as some of the film festival goers gave it.

It will keep most people entertained enough in a gentle kind of way as the plot gracefully unwinds with a methodical ease leading you through one scam after another. I must also mention the highly unusual sound score performed by The Buhr Quartet which fitted the film nicely with its Christmas theme.

All in all a nice relaxed film for a nice relaxed evening.

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