Stander (2003)

Stander is the gripping true story of the life of Andre Stander, the youngest Captain in the Johannesburg Police and south Africa’s most notorious bank robber.

Set in South Africa in the mid to late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Stander is the story of a man who’s belief in the system of law enforcement he is part of as a police captain, is shattered after he participates in the slaughter of unarmed black rights protesters. He then begins a spree of bank robberies with the sole aim of rebellion against the police force. Each robbery becomes more and more audacious and dangerous as this great anti-hero story unfolds.

You can’t help but like the three main rogues in this tale as they pull a proverbial V sign at the authorities responsible for the persecution of the blacks in South Africa. Fortunately the politics isn’t allowed to overshadow or detract from the story as it so easily could have but rather its allowed to set the tone for his self loathing to develop and eventually lead to his senseless and ignominious demise.

This is a great film, I really enjoyed it, the pace is good as is the acting and the director Bronwen Hughes has done a great job. Well worth watching.

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