The Wedding Crashers (2005)

The film follows two sneaky guys who, apart from refusing to grow up, crash weddings to meet women. Things get complicated, however, when John (Owen Wilson) falls hard for one of the bridesmaids (Rachel McAdams) they encounter whose family are American royalty – her dad is the secretary of the treasury! (Christopher Walken). Can Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) help his best friend to get his act together in time to land the girl he never knew he always needed?

This was a real surprise. I settled down with the missus to watch what I thought would be a simple happy clappy chick flick and in one sense I wasn’t disappointed thanks to the plot sticking doggedly to the time old chick flick story of: boy girl meet, fall in love, boys hidden bad points come to light, girl dumps boy, boy makes ‘I love you’ speech, everyone goes ahhhhh and they live happily ever after. That however is where the similarity to a standard chick flick ends.

Hold onto your pants here because it’s going to make you cringe… There’s stuff in here to make the lads laugh as well! Yea, really. Sexual perversion by the bucket load but from the perspective of lads out for one night stands and to top it all off its quite funny. Now don’t get me wrong here when I mention the sex word, its no blue lagoon here. There’s a few snow toped hills but it doesn’t go much further than that so if you are a bit prude don’t panic. However if you are watching this with your mummy get a job and move out now! Oops sorry, I mean you may want to think twice about watching it with your mum :)

The humor is of course as would be expected with and all American chick flick rather zany but not over done thank god but this film isn’t going to appeal to those who find sex or zany humor too much for their weak constitutions. However I think the rest of us should at the least find it amusing but at best hilarious.

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