Question Time and the BNP, right or wrong?

Tonight the BBC’s premier political views show, host Nick Griffin from the BNP on the panel. This has sparked protests outside the BBC and attempts to storm the building and prevent the show from airing. The show goes on, so far.

The question I put to you all is: Are the BBC right to allow him to take part or are the protesters right, should the BNP be prevented from taking part in political events?

What I fear is happening here is that once again a minority group are attempting to silence a valid political debate. Now before you all go off on one, allow me to explain.

(1) When I say a minority group, only 500 protesters have turned up by all accounts and to be honest if the majority of the general public felt strongly there would be thousands or even tens of thousands out side the BBC. I think most people will be sitting at home waiting to watch the debate instead.

(2) This is a valid political debate. Nobody can deny that the BNP are a valid political party, they have won two European seats and a hand full of seats back home. We may not agree with all their opinions or policies but that is true of all the political parties and we don’t have a problem allowing them to preach their petty policies at us.

(3) Every… I repeat… EVERY person in the UK has the right to form and discuss their own opinions. It is a fundamental right that our grandfathers and their grandfathers before have fought and died for in their millions. We call it “Free Speech” and it has been systematically eroded over the last few years by people who care not a penny for the huge debt we owe our war heroes.

So in my opinion: I don’t necessarily agree with any of the political views from any party but I do not think any of them should be silenced because of that. The BBC are quite right to allow the BNP to take part in Question Time, they deserve a forum just as their opponents do now they are a valid political party. Nobody should be trying to prevent the show from happening, the protests are fine and valid but taking “action” is not acceptable. Finally I am really looking forward to watching Question Time tonight, it should be a riot! :)

I can’t help feeling that the vast majority of the British people feel that freedom of speech is extremely important and anyone who doesn’t should go live somewhere where they have none. I’m sure they will be ever so happy ;)

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