S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale (2009)


Set seven years after Donnie Darko’s death, S. DARKO finds his little sister trapped in a remote desert town and plagued by apocalyptic visions in this trippy mystery sequel to the cult favourite.

Well its not on the same scale as the original but follows the same format. Would have been nice to see something a bit different to really put the cat amongst the pigeons like the first film did. Still, its watchable I guess. One thing is for sure though I won’t be watching it more than once like its older brother.

Even the religious undertone is done away with and replaced with a cursory acknowledgement and immediate debunking almost as if we were too stupid to get it before so lets shove it in our faces and forget it ever happened. Bah humbug, stupid Americans. I bet Richard Kelly didn’t like the dumbing down.

So its time for a rating… Since my stars are out of action it’s a manual two stars for this sequel. Same old news, tried that format, got a rise, shoved it out again with a new title.

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