Yet another round of postal strikes

Here is a plea to the CWU: “Stop, open your eyes, look to the future and safeguard the jobs in the Royal Mail. Not today, or tomorrow or even next year, but the ten after that and ten more again. The Royal Mail is a British institution, stop destroying it!”

You know I really love getting my films from LoveFilm. It’s just so damn convenient having them plop through the letter box and even the random order they arrive in from the online list, doesn’t make me want to trudge the 600 yards to Blockbuster.

The obvious down side is the effect of the damn postal service here in the good old UK. They seem to be on strike more than not these days thanks to the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and the excuse is always the same, they want to safeguard jobs and protect their members pay raises.

A noble cause indeed!

I cant help feeling though that this and the past few rounds of strikes are somewhat short sighted and the same may be true of most recent strike actions we have seen in other sectors. It’s all well and good to keep jobs and still get pay rises but when the business is fundamentally flawed and loosing business its time to move on or die. The royal mail in particular needs to shed jobs and modernise to keep pace with its quickly growing rivals. It risks being left behind by a raft of businesses focused on individual pieces of the market.

The CWU are playing a dangerous game in today’s chilly economic climate. I’m pretty sure the Royal Mail could replace every single member of the CWU on its payroll very easily, there are plenty of people with no jobs right now. But if they do nothing the union could strangle the business to the point of death before realising their mistake.

The truth is that like many people I know, if there were a new post box next to the red Royal Mail one, run by another postal company with no union involvement or at least one with a no strike policy. I would without a second thought use them instead of the Royal Mail, even if they were much expensive for a stamp. Even the likes of LoveFilm and other firms whose business depends on the post getting through must be actively looking for alternatives now.


Just seen on the wire that firefighters in South Yorkshire are out on strike over shift changes. I have to say I agree with the motive for the strike in this case, apparently they were threatened with the sack if they didn’t accept the new contracts and the union decided to take punitive action. However I can’t stand the thought of firefighters (or any of the emergency services) on strike, it makes me angry to the pit of my stomach.

These people put their lives on the line to save lives. If they go on strike what they are saying to me is that those people’s lives are worth less than their shift patterns, salaries or pensions or whatever the hell they are disputing. Sorry chaps, if that’s how you feel then its time to quietly leave and work somewhere else, packing letters into envelopes to keep the Royal Mail going maybe!

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