District 13: Ultimatum (2009)


Tim Robey – Published in the Telegraph – 01 Oct 2009:
Patrick Alessandrin, Cyril Raffaelli, David Belle. Rating: * * *
In this sequel to the 2004 French hit District 13, maverick crime-fighter Cyril Raffaelli and ghetto champion David Belle team up to expose a government conspiracy, mainly by leaping across rooftops, flinging themselves over banisters and socking it to a dopey army of corrupt cops. It’s muscular, dumb entertainment, edited like gangbusters and with villains who want to blow up the entire Parisian underclass.

Can’t say I have been a fan of many French films but this one was great fun despite a hand full of laughable stunts. The acting is so so and the effects are errm ok-ish. Actually there’s not much going for it on paper but I couldn’t help enjoying the experience. Maybe its the sun and relaxation from my holidays affecting my brain or maybe its because I had a preconceived expectation that I would turn it off in the first 30 minutes. Or possibly I’m just getting soft in my old age (don’t even think about commenting on that last point!).

Three stars are well deserved and it only missed a fourth because it’s so corny and French ;)

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