Infestation (2009)


What if one day you woke, bound in webs and cocooned to the wall of your workplace? And what if, after a brief investigation, you realised you were the only person awake… and the world had been taken over by giant bugs?

This is the situation perennial slacker Cooper Flynn (Christopher Marquette – “Alpha Dog”) finds himself in, and so begins an hilariously nail-biting, all-action adventure as the fate of the cocooned victims is left in the incapable hands of him and his gung-ho dad (played by Ray Wise of “Reaper” and “Twin Peaks” fame!).

Even a slacker will fight for his life…

Infestation is a low budget horror comedy made in Sofia Bulgaria and you can’t miss the low budget. There’s loads of model work backed up with CG which I always find a better tactic than pure CG. The acting is ropey in parts, well most parts, like an American sit com.

All in all it’s a bloody brilliant film!

It epitomises every feature that made the classic horror comedy films so good by being really bad. Get this film out and watch it, right now, go on stop dithering!

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