State of Play (2009)


When a popular congressman’s aide/ mistress dies mysteriously, an intrepid reporter (Russell Crowe) – who happens to be best friends with the congressman in question (Ben Affleck), works to uncover the story behind her death.

It’s been less than 48 hours since I watched this film and the memory has already faded, not a good start to the review. The film itself was just ok, it moves along at a reasonable pace, built up some suspense and then threw it all away in the interest of a last minute plot twist that made the whole plot wasted time. This does however leave me with a dilemma: There is no two and a half rating, either I’m hard on the film and say two or overly generous and give three stars.

I’m in a foul mood so its two stars for State of Play. Don’t complain you may get your head bitten off ;)

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