The Butterfly Effect (2004)


Evan Treborn grows up in a small town with his single, working mother and his friends. He suffers from memory blackouts where he suddenly finds himself somewhere else, confused. Evan’s friends and mother hardly believe him, thinking he makes it up just to get out of trouble. As Evan grows up he has less of these blackouts until he seems to have recovered. Since the age of seven he has written a diary of his blackout moments so he can remember what happens. One day at college he starts to read one of his old diaries, and suddenly a flashback hits him like a brick!

I know, it’s an old film but I was inspired to watch it again after my time travel column. You know it’s just as great as the first time I watched it way back in 2004. Easily five stars.

It’s funny how sometimes a film can come along and shatter all the illusions we have of how great or bad something might be. For years I fantasised about time travel being fantastic, a way to go back and take advantage of hind sight. Funny how after watching this film I would never again dream of changing my past.

Scary stuff and well worth watching.

As for the second and third films in the trilogy, just don’t bother, mediocre at best and nowhere near as engaging as the first film.

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