The Golden Compass (2007)


In a world parallel to our own, there exists an orphan girl named Lyra who is destined to alter the course of the universe. Her realm, as well as ours, are just two of many that exist within intangible dimensions where humanity evolves with slight differences. Lyra is only 12, but she already knows that doing what you feel is right can be more important than doing what you’re told. It’s this rebellious spirit that will strengthen her as she becomes the central figure standing between the end of free will and the beginning of a new age.

Things to note about The Golden Compass: Slightly ropey acting, too much iffy CG, a cringe worthy fantasy setting, all held together by a brilliantly paced plot with plenty of action and suspense.

In truth I got this film out for the kids but ended up watching it with them. Nicole Kidman makes a brilliant villain, I think she has found her niche. In truth I would prefer it if she gave up acting all together but since she wont lets try and persuade her to stick to playing evil characters so we have a valid reason to hate her. The pace of this film is just right to keep the kids and adults glued to their chairs and despite the occasional scary bit there was nothing that would give them nightmares so a winner all round. The good points seem to heavily outweigh the bad and so its four stars from me and the kids.

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