A Contribution to Understanding Sexuality

Giver or Taker ?
This phobia or hatred peeps have against homosexuals has always puzzled me I personally am straight, straight is a particularly stupid way of describing sexuality a phrase used by the ignorant masses, but I will try cater for the majority of this country in this blog. As far I can tell Homosexuality has been around for as long as mankind, indeed it is a peculiarly modern phenomenon to judge people or at least rate their moral fibre by their sexuality. I don’t know why ? In ancient times it was normal to have both male and female lovers Alexander the great (the greatest man that has ever lived) had Hephaistion for a lover, that’s a mans name for the illiterate amongst you and he also had a Roxanne literally ! I draw the line though at Nero who had a boys bits cut off and a “slot” inserted so he could live with him as a woman at least that’s what Suetonius (The lives of the twelve Caesars) said, mind you Suetonius was a tosser. On reflection maybe that was about trying to deal with prejudice an extreme method though. When I was a little apprentice I remember being told by an older wiser head that you was only gay if you took it up the XXX not if you gave it……Anyways..Now I personally struggle with peeps touching me especially men, I ought to declare that I am happy with short blondes with big tits touching me I realise the word tits is not a PC thing to say in this world where the short are vertically challenged so for those of you who are offended please mentally substitute the word knockers for tits. Many aspects of the gay scene is really appealing e.g. going out drinking with men, discussing man things, not discussing who has the nicest fluffy blouse, not being constantly the one buying the drinks, not wondering where she got that colour, not constantly listening to complete bollocks about relationships. However I can’t bring myself to it, the gay life that is, I guess it’s the thought of a man getting on top of me and shagging me that really stops me, although my mate Alan reckons it’s the best part of being gay. Now Alan is a good friend and knows the bits to touch ooh aahh and he insists on kissing me when we first meet not because he fancies me…although I’ve never asked if that’s the case, but because he knows it makes me uncomfortable and he knows that I hate that. Not by being kissed but being uncomfortable that I am disturbed by it. Now then: I am disturbed by being kissed by a friend whom is not trying to get in my pants, who is a friend and who is only doing it cos he knows I shiver each time he does it. Am I psychologically damaged ? or am I like the majority of heterosexual males. I guess I am like the majority although without an opinion poll I can’t prove it. I guess as a society we will truly have moved on when we stop going on about peeps sexuality and start talking about why a prime minister can get away with lying to take us to war.
P.S. Those offended by the phrase knockers I prefer the term Lills.

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