Dark City – Directors Cut (1998)


Upon awakening with a start in an icy bathtub in a strange room–with a woman’s dead body inconveniently nearby–John Murdoch can’t remember how he got there. With a police detective hot on his trail and a psychiatrist skulking around, Murdoch discovers that the key to his mystery is the presence of strange extraterrestrial creatures, the Strangers, who are experimenting with the memories of the humans in his city–from which there may be no escape. Ambitious sci-fi noir, with rich production design and a dense, Kafkaesque concept.

Another oldie but I found it on Blu-ray and couldn’t resist another spin in this visually stunning and ambitious world created by Alex Proyas. The first time I saw Dark City it was the theatrical version and it was a good watch. This time I had the director’s cut and it was a huge improvement. I don’t know why American audiences put up with the kind of dumbing down the studio applied to the theatrical version, I’m fairly confident they aren’t all that stupid and having watched the film done as the director intended it clearly did it no favour’s.

If you have even a slightly sci-fi bone in your body I have to recommend this film to you. It’s a very unusual plot, unlike anything else I have come across so far and if you watch the directors version then you will actually get to put the pieces of the plot together as the film progresses instead of having it all laid out in front of you from the very start.

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