Forget global warming the end is nigh!

Time Until Russia Captures North Pole: [LCT-|-embed]

Its official, Russia is stealing the North Pole! Yes that’s right, the pole is accelerating towards Siberia at an ever increasing rate, back in 1989 it was moving at a rate of 9 miles a year but it has recently been confirmed to be travelling at over four times that speed. O’woa is Santa and his little elves, what are they to do?! Its like some sort of crazy James Bond plot… wait, if it were then it wouldn’t be the Russians at all but some evil genius billionaire hell bent on starting nuclear Armageddon so he can seize what’s left of the planet for his evil bidding. Send for Will Smith immediately, we need him to save the World _again_!

OK its a bit over the top I agree but I prefer my interpretation to that of Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo or the completely non-committal stance of the scientist Arnaud Chulliat who published his findings and has now sparked international outrage at Russians attempt to steal magnetic North (oops there I go again). Thanks go to Jesus for pointing me to this article over on National Geographic. Jesus makes some very valid comments about the earth flipping its magnetic poles every 300,000 years or so:

Meanwhile, regular scientists have evidence that the Earth’s magnetic field flips every 300,000 years. The problem here is that 780,000 years have passed since the last polarity change, which means that a new shift could be imminent. There’s proof that the field’s strength is falling down at a very fast rate over the last two hundred years, a fact that has lead some experts to believe it could disappear completely over the next 1,000 years before it flips. Other boffins believe that this is just a fluctuation in the field.

And as he states this could have disastrous consequences to animal life or if the field disappears altogether then all life on earth gets fried anyway by solar radiation, bummer.  So how long do we have before the evil plot to bring about Armageddon gets the North Pole onto Russian soil? Well Chulliat says:

“It’s too difficult to forecast,”

What? Oh come on? I have an IQ of 6, let’s see if i can work it out:

The present location of the magnetic pole is close to Canada's Ellesmere Island.
The approximate distance from there to Russia is 1000 miles.
The pole is travelling at 40 miles per year.
1000 / 40 = 25 years - assuming no increase in speed.
Speed in 1989 was 9 miles per year.
Speed in 2007 was 37 miles per year.
An increase of 311% over 18 years or 17% each year.
Which means the pole will be over Russian soil in 2018
_If_ it continues to accelerate at its present rate.


Hmm that was really hard, not. Even if I’m out on the distance by 50% then its still just another 2 years so 2020. Yea yea I know, as Chulliat points out the field could change direction due to any number of things but if you wanted an answer to the question instead of a cop out then you now have it we have 10 years left until the world ends ;)

This post was based upon information in a National Geographic article and a post on the Gizmodo blog, oh and loads of imagination ;)

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