Inglorious Bastards (2009)

A group of Jewish-American soldiers take revenge on the leaders of the Third Reich during World War II.

 Tarantino is more than a little bit like Marmite. No hes not black and smelly nor does he come in a small squeezy tub. You either love him or hate him. 

I most definitely fall into the former camp. Like most lovers of Tarantino’s films I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for his next epic adventure. His most recent works have been full of breathtaking visuals, astounding scores and stitch inducing action violence. The plots are woven with homage to genres gone by and full of the grossest moments any director could conceive. All of these things come together to make each film a masterpiece that despite its length will keep you glued to the screen. 

His newest film Inglorious Bastards seems to have thrown all of that through a closed window on the 20th floor with a pit of poisoned spikes, razor wire and broken glass below. It would appear to be an attempt to reach a bigger audience share by dumbing down the content to be like some sort of standard post war epic only two hours too long. I actually found myself on my phone checking twitter and facebook half way through, surely it wasn’t that boring was it? No of course not, it just failed miserably to live up to my clearly very high expectations. It does appear to have worked on the critics though since most seem to love this film… Shmucks. The film just ambles on at a snails pace and although I generally find Brad Pitt engaging enough I am really starting to get sick of him playing the same character over and over just with different American accents. No, its worse than that, do you remember his Irish pikey accent in Snatch? Well hes just as illegible in this film and I can tell you know I really hate having to continually rewind to try and figure out what Brad has said. 

There was the occasional wild west moment played out both in shooting style and sound track, but it was wasted. Same old, same old, nothing new and certainly nothing to get excited about. There certainly weren’t any stunning moments like the manga wild west mash up or the sword fight in the snowy garden from Kill Bill, there’s no shock scenes like the whole of Reservoir Dogs and definitely no gore comedy from Dusk Till Dawn. 

So here’s a piece of advice to Mr Tarantino: Please drop the big budgets and go back to your roots. Stop making dumb Hollywood war films and do something shocking that will make everyone sit up and take note again. Please!

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