Space the final frontier… For now!


There’s so much fascinating space related stuff floating about this week I thought I would put it all in one place for you. First up is Space Barley, a beer brewed using barley grown in outer space, well at least that’s how most places are reporting it. The reality is it’s a fourth generation descendant from a batch of seeds that were grown in a Russian laboratory on the International Space Station as a collaboration between the Russian Academy of Science, Okayama University in Japan and Sapporo brewery. They have only made 250 six-packs so you better be quick, be able to read Japanese, oh and be prepared to pay 10,000 yen for six 33ml bottles!
Sapporo website – Press Release ]


Symphonies of the Planets – This is just awesome in a space geeky kind of way. These recordings were made by Voyager I and II as they made their 5-billion-mile journey across the solar system, the probes recorded electromagnetic waves in the soundless void of space surrounding Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. listening to the electromagnetic waves around the planets and moons. They are recordings not of sound but waves produced by phenomena, like the planet’s magnetospheres interacting with the Sun’s radiation, charged particle interactions of each planet, its moons and solar wind. You can find a description of how the recordings were made on


A quick search of youtube will reveal plenty more similar recordings, here is one of the earth.


Virgin Galactic is poised to unveil SpaceShip Two on Monday and with construction of the new runway well under way at Spaceport America in New Mexico the dawn of a new era in space tourism draws ever closer. The runway will be complete late next summer and the hangar structures to house the operational offices of Virgin Galactic in early 2011.

SpaceShip Two is a six passenger and two pilot craft powered by a hybrid rocket motor designed to take it to suborbital and later full orbital flights. The project is backed by British billionaire Richard Branson and seats for flights are a snip at just $200,000! Where’s my check book?

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