Sunshine Cleaning (2009)

Despite the title there’s very little sunshine in this film. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say it’s not worth watching, in fact it’s a real departure from the normal light comedy feel good film. That’s mostly because there’s very little to feel good about in the plot and that’s something else that’s mostly missing, the plot I mean. You see throughout this film absolutely nothing goes right for the main characters and where you may expect an uplifting ending, good gal beats the odds and gets the guy. Hmm nope there’s nothing, the film just ends. I half expected some bored American voice to interrupt the closing credits and tell me that the next episode of sunshine cleaning would be on Friday at 8pm. Seriously, was this a film or the pilot for some corny sitcom? Despite having semi-enjoyed the build up to the missing ending I was left feeling short changed, especially since I had actually paid to watch it.

It does appear that once again I am bucking the trend here, most people seem to love this film and critics reviews are glowing. They are so wrong :)

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