Terminator Salvation (2009)


I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I enjoyed this film. Not because its a good film but out of sheer bewilderment. What the hell is going on? There seem to be hundreds of slight references to the previous films but only in passing, almost as if the script were written by someone who had only ever seen clips of the originals. This doesn’t so much detract from the film as add to it, by making me constantly reflect on its forbears and try to link the two.

By far the absolute best moment in the film which makes the whole thing worth watching is the appearance of Arnie or rather a CG Arnie. Now I know CG has moved on leaps and bounds in the last few years but the technology is still not there as far as making human faces goes, as this film decided to prove. Nice try though and 10 out of 10 for bravery, unfortunately 10 out of 10 for sheer stupidity as well. There was no reason to have Arnie’s skin on the terminator, all the others in the film were un-skinned, I know it was an attempt to reference the point in a previous film where it is revealed that Arnie was originally sent to kill Connor but its so obscure why bother. First off he doesn’t kill Connor in this film so it couldn’t be the same one anyway duh. Any director worth his salt would have scrapped the idea and had the CG regenerated without the crappy skin.

By far the biggest wrecking ball though was the scene right at the beginning that told you all about the new terminator/infiltrator based on converted humans. Right from the first scene the plot of the entire film was exposed like a metal rib cage. why, why, why do the yank film studios consistently insist on removing all mystery from every damn film by _telling you the plot_ in the first 60 seconds? We are not all morons like you dammit!

So all in all an ok film with some “interesting” moments, an exposed plot for so you don’t need to think and plenty of action and robots and explosions, I’m just not sure how or even if it fits in with the rest of the films. Enough of this franchise already, its been done to death and the first three films wont ever be beaten.

Damn I wish I had a good film to review for a change!

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