Welcome to our new home

As you may have noticed Tangoman is now Subetha but there’s far more than a name change behind it. We now have a mobile version of the site and recently added site polls. The first poll is just below or over on the right hand column, “Which blog name is best?” is your chance to influence the name of this blog. Should it be Tangoman or Subetha? Let me know.

[poll id=”2″]

On top of all that we have migrated to a new server, completely reworked the layout and design and refreshed all the posts to fit. Its been quite a lot of work and apart from some minor tweaks its almost done now, the only bit I’m not so happy with is the banner image so if anyone has any ideas let me know via comments or using the feedback form on the “Contact” page.

Now its time to get back to writing some posts. They have been stacking up while I worked on the new site!


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