Whats next Sir Richard Branson?

So today we have more Virgin related news for you, but first a question: Sir Richard Branson is a man I admire greatly, it seems he has no bounds, from music to Trans-Atlantic airlines and now to space flight itself. So what could he possibly do to go one better than space flight? Come on have a guess! A moon base? A Martian base?

Nope, completely wrong, submarines. Not just any old submarines mind you, since they dont go down deep enough. The plan is to eventually dive to 35,000 feet below sea level. Now I happen to agree with Sir Richard here, that is quite possibly much harder than putting men into space and yes the option for undersea tourism is there as well. In the words of the man himself:

What hasn’t been explored at all is the depths of the oceans. So we’re in the process of building something called Virgin Aquatic, which is going to be submarines to go 35,000 feet underwater. The oceans need exploring – we know nothing about what’s going on under 25,000 feet. I have an island called Necker Island and 15 miles from there is the deepest place in the whole of the Atlantic, the Puerto Rican Trench. It’s quite likely that we’ll set up a scientific and exploration centre on Necker to send out expeditions to explore that trench and other trenches in the world.

The technical challenge is finding materials that can withstand the pressure at 35,000 feet. It’s almost easier to build a spaceship to go into space than to build a vessel that can withstand the pressures at 35,000 feet. But we think we can do it.

Next question then: OK Sir Richard what can possibly be next after conquering the world’s oceans? I really can’t wait to find out!

I must say if there was ever a man in this world to aspire to it wouldn’t be a footballer or a politician, but instead, someone who has put masses of time and effort not just into what puts money in their pocket but into helping the impoverished, driving charity and furthering scientific research. Well done and keep up the good work Sir Richard. Oh and I’m sorry for poaching an image of Necker Island, I cant afford to buy one on my Virgin salary ;)

Hop on over to Gizmodo for an in flight video interview with Sir Richard.

[Thanks to Gizmodo and Necker Island ]

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