Bronson (2009)

Originally sentenced to seven years at the age of 19 for a bungled armed robbery, Charles Bronson is now one of the UK’s most notorious and violent inmates of our overcrowded prison system.

He has spent 30 of his 34 years behind bars in solitary confinement, and has not been allowed to mix with other prisoners since 1999, currently languishing in HM Prison Wakefield from where he continues to produce award-winning poetry and art.

I just want to get one thing cleared up here; this isn’t a film with a story as such, no it’s more a work of art with fists.

You may have already noticed the five stars up at the top there and for me it deserves them but to many it doesn’t. I believe the problem here is that some people expected to learn about the man and his motives set down to a timeline showing his life behind bars but this film makes no attempt to tell a story or to reconcile the reasoning for his extreme violence. Instead we have here a pantomime of art, violence and comedy.

If you want to learn more about Charlie Bronson aka Mick Peterson then head online, there’s a plethora of great information and after watching this film you will find it hard to resist. The camera work and backing score are a trip but by far the most compelling thing about this film is the performance of Tom Hardy. He is truly mesmerising, one minute charming and witty and another a screaming ball of fury but always there is this truly menacing undercurrent and the air of madness that pulls you in and leaves you confused and intrigued as to the motives and mind of the real man.

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