Christmas lunch… Much ado about nothing.

So… My brother breeds his own fowl for special occasions.
Of course, Christmas is one of those times, so back in October he buys in two lovely turkey chicks. (Come to think of it, I had a few chick turkeys in my time, but that’s another blog…)
Christmas Eve and Captain Cleaver does the deed… Two yummy turkeys to feed a table of 20.
Then the subject came up of home grown v Bernard Matthews etc and the different customs in the UK regarding Christmas lunch.
Of course, the common meats were quoted, turkey, beef, lamb, ham.
Then the not so common, goose, duck, pheasant.
Then someone mentioned swan… Can you legally eat it or it the reserve of Her Majesty QE11, gawd bless her?
I stated that in I believe anyone can eat it, the Queen is the one only allowed to eat the Royal swans which are tagged as such.
That’s where an argument-ette started. You know… the ethics of eating a poor old swan. (The fact they were demolishing a bird that had been gobbling in the back garden 24 hours earlier, was immaterial. I’ve had a bird gobble me too… Oh, off topic.)
I see no problem with eating swan, Royal or otherwise. Serve it up, and I’ll pile it down.
This brought a look of disgust to a few faces.
So changed the subject to other animals that taste good… Rabbit, hare, crow, squirrel. All yummy scrummy as far as I’m concerned.
Funnily, everyone under 20 thought that was disgusting, everyone female under 75 though that was disgusting. All the while they’re demolishing a couple of birds that they’d even given names the previous weeks.
Anyway, there’s one thing I can be sure of… None of the above tasted as good as the 2 Scottish ospreys I ate at Christmas 2008.
Happy New Year. (Belatedly.)

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