Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Let’s be completely honest here, this isn’t a great film but at the same time it’s not awful. The acting is ok as are the characters despite their lack of more than one dimension. What does set it apart is the cringe inducing moments where I swear the director (Sam Rami) had clearly been on the marijuana cakes. The one that made me laugh until I had to double check just in case I had wet myself was the moment where Alison Lohman squishes the demons head by cutting a rope that was very conveniently holding aloft an anvil in her garden shed… what the hell was she doing with a bleedin anvil hung from the rafters in her shed and what kind of idiot would do something like that!

I must say I enjoyed the film on the whole not least because Alison Lohman looks so much like my wife back when we met its frightening and partly because it’s clearly not taking itself seriously at all.

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