The Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)

Although this film is very pretty and clearly supposed to visually wow with its 70’s animation style and insane attention to visual detail it seems to miss the spot in almost every other aspect. I could sit and marvel at the hand animated scenery spinning by for all of 3 minutes, what next? Well the story is brilliant but tampered with and even dare I say it Americanised. I found myself nodding off as the story soldiered on like a marching soldier toy with Duracell batteries there was clearly no way it was stopping until the credits. Some of the silliness was also so silly it detracted from the entire experience, in fact I found myself raising an eyebrow so frequently it got stuck up there and required hours of brow massage before resuming normal operations. Probably the silliest silly was the world’s largest rat, standing a good foot taller than a full grown fox he was a scary visage but once again that damn eyebrow was raised quizzically as I wondered how my kids were going to react. Surely enough we had the inevitable questions about giant rats on the way home from the cinema.

So in summary its and arty farty, topsy turvy, silly film that’s only moderately entertaining and will cause arguments with the kids on the way home over all the silliness. Meh.

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