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I have tried so many task management and to do list apps on the iPhone and although a few have really impressed when I came across EpicWin I was immediately hooked. It’s certainly not the most feature rich to do list app, in fact it lacks any advanced functions at all but it makes up for this in spades by being fun and addictive like no other. It’s fascinating how addictive RPG style games can be and if you are (like me) a sufferer of this particular affliction then combining the addictiveness of RPG with your day to day tasks should be right up your street. 

You start off by creating a character in the usual way, and then you get on with adding your tasks as quests, selecting the type and XP value for each.  As you complete each task there is a little battle animation then XP and stat increases are awarded. You can also find hilarious loot items as you journey onward and the next update will bring gold rewards as well.  The one disappointing thing I found is that level increases are insanely difficult, after a couple of weeks completing a smattering of tasks each day I am still only half way through the required XP for level 1. I have had frequent stats increases and found plenty of loot which makes up for it I guess. 

The designers have been busy beavering away on updates with added features and I hope that they will in time add some advanced task management like creating quests with sub-tasks and integration with MobileMe tasks.  Then this app would be completely awesome instead of just plain old awesome.  Couldn’t live without a to do list app and I will be sticking with this one for now at least.   

Links:   Official Site and App Store

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