Puncture Wound – Daily Photo (23rd October 2012)

Puncture Wound

These are some enormous and seriously vicious thorns! Found them on the stem of a rose bush in the garden and thought I may be able to do something photographically. Unfortunately, without cutting away most of the bush I couldn’t get a clear shot of just this stem but since I was planning to do some serious post processing it didn’t matter too much. I was trying to achieve a dark, moody, horror effect in the final image which involved far more than just tweaking. As you can see from the original the background is cluttered and light so separating the thorny stem from it was quite hard, although I didn’t resort to the effect brush this time. I added loads of grain, busted the colours and added heaps of vignette. The end result is close to what I wanted and I will now need to apply the same post to a few more pictures and play with the effect.

Here is the original, taken in my garden on October 21st 2012:

Puncture Wound (Original)

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