And Relax… – Daily Photo (23rd November 2012)

And Relax...

“Now is the time to think of only one thing. That which I was born for.”
The Old Man and the Sea

There is something about the sea and sunset that has always captivated me. I used to spend a lot of time fishing in my youth and found I would prefer not to catch anything during the sunset period just so it wouldn’t be spoiled. Its the way the entire day just seems to stop and take a deep relaxing breath. The birds quiet down, the wind drops, the sea calms and its hard not to do the same. I’m sure just as the dawn sun induces certain chemical reactions in us bipedal life forms, so it does at dusk. This is not a time for fast thoughts or narrow views, its for contemplation, reflection and understanding and yet for all its worth we adults neglect it every day. Rushing home from work, stuffing our faces or glued to an anorexic picture box in a corner of the living room. Just once in a while lets stop, stop and watch the sun go down, and join in with natures meditative moment. Lets contemplate what we were born for, like the old man says, lets just take a moment, just one moment to stop…

Taken in Paignton, England on November 2nd 2012

Settings: 1/160 ƒ/5.6 ISO1000 83mm

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