City Bee Hive – Daily Photo (19th November 2012)

City Bee Hive

“The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labours, but because she labours for others”
Saint John Chrysostom (Archbishop of Constantinople, 347-407)

The hive isn’t full, most have turned for home and some respite. A good few remain with their spread sheets and presentations to while away the hours before bed. Their day will end and begin anew without the distractions of this real world, I stand outside watching them work so industriously. Who is it they slave all night for, a bank, a corporation, a salary for a reward or avoidance of the world outside the window where powerpoint counts for naught. Respite at some time will no doubt come but squashed in a bottle, secured by cork and still the world is held at bay, the hive is safe, under control.
Photo of city offices at night, worker bees still slaving away. Taken in central London on November 14th 2012

Settings: 1/80 ƒ/6.3 ISO 6400 146mm

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