Purple Henge – Daily Photo (8th November 2012)

Purple Henge

On the way back from Devon we decided to drop in on Stonehenge and just like all the other people there I went round snapping away and trying to do my best impression of an arty fartsy photographer getting interesting and unusual pictures. Of course with The Henge there is no such thing, millions of photos of every possible angle have been taken. So the dilemma, to get an unusual or arty photo… Ta Daaa – and here it is! Don’t for the love of everything holy ask me what I did to get this final effect other than applying a deep purple cast I made numerous tweaks and undo’s and tweaks and re-undo’s to get to this point. I have however saved it as a filter so I can apply it to any photo I like in 3 seconds flat in future.

It started out looking a bit like this boring photo:

Purple Henge (Original)

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