Zombie v3 – Daily Photo (9th November 2012)

Zombie v3

This is my son doing his best monster impression as Halloween. The original is fine as a family album pick but I thought I would try and turn it into a more cartoon like image, not TV cartoon but printed. To make life harder for myself I decided not to use the cop out method by applying fancy pencil or brush stroke filters.

You can see the progression in the images below, from the original I boosted the saturation of everything to max and the contrast but not until I had added as much noise as I could. This has the effect of creating large areas of very bright but flat colour and the noise makes it look like it’s a poor quality print.

The next image I converted to black and white then boosted the highlights and lights to whiten the lighter areas and dropped the dark and shadow areas to crate even more contrast and larger flat areas. The image now has lots of black and white and very little grey.

For the final image I simply added graduated coloured filters, green top down and red bottom up. This wasn’t quite enough so I added a couple more on top of them to boost the colour and over lapped them to get an orange cast in the middle.

It’s not a bad effect and I was debating posting this version or version 1 which has really strong colours but in the end I decided to post them all :)

Zombie (Original)Zombie v1Zombie v2

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