Frosticles – Daily Photo (14th December 2012)

Hey I just made up a new word. After the first heavy frosts of the year, in the South East at least, I woke up to a mist shrouded morning. It was -5C outside and had been misty all night. Since my car chose this particular day to break down and prevent me commuting in to the office, I grabbed my camera and stepped out into the back garden. Here I was greeted by a wonderland of ice, even the cobwebs were coated in a thick layer of crystals much to the spiders dismay no doubt, no breakfast today.

Unfortunately the light was really poor, not really surprising as it was over an hour until dawn but the winter sun was close enough to the horizon to add enough flat light to get some reasonable shots. I did have to spend a fair amount of time tweaking the levels in Lightroom to bring them to life though.

Settings: 1/20 ƒ/5.6 ISO1600 78mm

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