Wakey Wakey – Daily Photo (11th December 2012)

Wakey Wakey

This picture was all about balance, the subject is beautiful there’s no doubt but how should the shot be composed? I went for or at least attempted to get equal ammounts of sea and dark cloud seperated by a stripe of blue sky. The normal urges may be to compose it using the rock or the sun as a guide but this results in an unbalanced shot where there is too much sea and the band of blue sky sits uneasily in the top half of the picture. The exposure was an issue as well, initially i was taking a longer shot and was not happy with the results, it was accurate but didnt reflect the mood I was trying to achieve. In the end I knocked back the exposure time which darkened the picture making it look like the sun was chasing away the shadows. This also helped to bring out the orange highlights in the clouds which were getting lost in the brighter shots.

Settings: 1/30 ƒ/4.5 ISO1600 27mm

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