The End of Daily Photos

Industrial Dawn_DSC9285
Old SteelGrand Union
As you may have noticed the daily photos have stopped as of December 30th 2012. The whole point of posting them was to get me out and about taking photos more frequently and to encourage me to find interesting subjects in places I had photographed many times before. It has to all intents and purposes been a success, and an extremely useful exercise. It’s also been very hard at times when I couldn’t get out and about, to keep posting each day knowing that I was publishing photos that would normally have stayed hidden away in Lightroom. I never set out to keep it up for any set period of time and after 11 months of publishing a photograph every day, I have finally decided the exercise has run its course and something new is needed to develop my skills in a different area.

At this time I don’t know what the next project is so until then I will only be posting my favourite images as and when I take them and only if I feel they are worthy.

I would like to thank everyone for all the words of praise and advice I received, your comments are always welcome, even the critiques help me to grow as a photographer.

Ian J Wilson

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