That Awkward Moment

OK, so I haven’t written a film review in , well quite a while. It would have been nice to start with something profound, deep, meaningful or just good. Well sorry to disappoint. Most of you will already be groaning rom-com before I even start so lets get that out the way, yes it is. The next question is; is it an outstanding example of one? Errm No. So why the hell am I reviewing it? Simply this. its good fun. Yes I did say that. Cast aside your prejudices, swallow a bottle of wine and pop your pop corn. You will have an entertaining two hours. I know that’s a tough call, but most of us blokes are capable of abandoning that much of our morals, occasionally.

Is this a chick flick? No. Is this a film about a bunch of 2D characters making tits of themselves? Yes. Is this a film worth watching if you have a choice of something really good? no.

Recommended Rom-Com not recommended for an “intellectual” evening. Please drink alcohol and lower expectations. Nuff said.

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