Soul Catcher

il_340x270.550051523_c79vIt almost seemed to glow with a golden light, the ancient wood was polished smooth. Perfectly round and miraculously untouched by its estimated 6000 year age, it now rested lightly in Paul’s cupped hands. He could see his reflection on its surface, could even make out the glint of light on the tear that tickled his cheek, so beautiful, so perfect, his thoughts tumbled with emotion, it felt almost as though he was being drawn in to it.

He snapped out of his trance with a visible jolt. Catching his breath he spun violently and hurled it with all he could muster at the wall. It bounced and landed with a thud on the carpet. No damage, not even a scratch or a dent. Anger flickered behind Paul’s eyes as he tried again with the same result.

It had taken over a year of planning to steal the object from the museum, he had even worked there as a security guard for a few months in the beginning, to get as much intel as possible. Those idiots didn’t have a clue what they had, thinking it just an ancient toy found in a tomb in Egypt. But Paul knew better, it was thousands of years older than the tomb and all attempts to x-ray and scan the object have concluded that it was solid, but they were wrong. Paul knew this was something extra special, like nothing ever found before, it was too, perfect.

The watcher smiled, as it saw Paul’s anger and frustration with each fresh attempt to open the sphere. It, would decide who was worthy of its secret and when, it would be revealed. That time had almost arrived.

The watchers smile became a wide grin as the orb began to vibrate and rise up off the table into the air. Paul was so shocked he fell to the floor. Slowly and steadily it began to unscrew as it floated a foot off the table until with a flash it split in two. A tendril of light like a snake wormed its way, writhing and pulsating towards Paul until it touched his shocked face.

The sphere thumped back on to the table, whole again, the light gone and Paul, dead. The watcher listened with amusement to the screams, as the catcher began to digest his soul.

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