Support by Online Chat #TTBGF


I’m a 60’s kid so not quite as hip as those youngsters and a geek so should know better, but for a few years I still insisted on phoning up to get support. No matter how many times the “Chat with us Now Online” box popped up on the website while I spent 20 minutes searching for a phone number to call. How stupid do I feel now.

These days I get annoyed if there’s no online chat available to get my problems sorted or if its closed outside business hours. This connected, always on world is so much more convenient and practical. You can work or hold a conversation IRL at the same time and you spend a total of zero minutes racking up a phone bill on hold. Please can every company implement 24×7 online support right away or I may take my business elsewhere.

Just the other day I was handling a cock up by Virgin Media on my broadband upgrade, getting a replacement item from Microsoft after they cocked up and writing work emails all at the same time. Whereas by phone, I probably would have lost a good 30 to 40 minutes of my day getting more and more frustrated at the crappy on hold music.

So todays Thing To Be Grateful For is Support by Online Chat may it get quicker, easier and may it be available 24×7. Saving me time, money and frustration and improving my opinion of the companies I deal with.

Now I just need to persuade my employer to implement it for everything…

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