Time Traveller Wants To Come Home


Subject: Time Traveller Wants To Come Home
Dr. Roj Blake
Professor of Quantum Mechanics and Gravitational Time Dilation
National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA)
Plot 55
Old Hwy 85
Magdalena, NM 87825
New Mexico

Dear Mr Wilson,


I am Dr Roj Blake, the cousin of the USA Astronaut, Major Kerr Avon. He was the first man to successfully land on Mars and return safely in 2042 and during 2059 had been taking part in time travel trials at the NASRDA. I am the programme lead for these trials. Major Avon had successfully completed three return trips to different time periods throughout earths recent history. But during the most ambitious attempt to travel back to August 28th 2000 something went terribly wrong and he has been unable to return. We know he has survived the outbound journey as we have made contact with him in the same way as to yourself. We would really like to return him to his proper time to be reunited with his wife and four young children. The problem we face is that we can send data back in time to create emails etc. but cannot send another person back without resetting the facility data banks and losing the link back to your time dimension. If we lose the link we may never be able to return the Major.

In the 15 years since he became stranded we have managed to communicate by email and Kerr remains in good spirits, anticipating his eventual return. However, until this day the component technologies needed to repair his device have not been available. Today is very fortuitous as we believe it is now possible to repair his device and return him to our time dimension. I have manipulated a bank account in your time to deposit $600,000,000 of US currency which is required to obtain the necessary intellectual property and technology by purchase of the company at its current value. Major Avon cannot access these funds as he has no birth documentation with which to make use of the US banking system. In order to access these funds we need your assistance.

Consequently, we are willing to transfer the entire amount to your bank account and instruct you on the purchase of the technology company, which will be purchased solely in your name and will remain your property to do with as you please. Any leftover funds from the purchase will remain yours to do with as you please as well. All we ask is that Major Avon has access to the technology and development team to repair his device and return to us. With my knowledge of your future from our time dimension I would highly recommend retaining the company as this technology will make you one of the richest men in history and a key contributor to time travel through gravitational time dilation.

Needless to say the trust we place in yourself at this juncture is enormous. In return for following our instruction you will become an extremely influential, powerful and wealthy man. Your contribution to the world of science and the world in general will be huge but not as great as helping to return a loving farther to his young children.

Kindly expedite action as we are under pressure to reset the data banks, stranding the Major in your time dimension.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this message by replying to the sending address only.

Yours Sincerely, Dr Roj Blake
Professor of Quantum Mechanics and Gravitational Time Dilation

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