Bournemouth Vulcan Summer 2015

Bournmouth Vulcan
Vulcan swoops in to Bournemouth for the final time

This was a sad day for me, the final time I would see the majesty of the Vulcan in the air. She swooped in at speed roaring that unique Vulcan roar and the hairs on my neck stood to attention. I managed to shoot a burst and this one I chose because of the photo bombing seagull. She went on to perform her best ever show, at angles I hadn’t seen her flying since I was a kid. I could have sworn she was close to inverted at one point… probably my imagination.

After the show she departed up through a hole in the clouds and was gone. For a few brief moments there was complete silence. I wont deny the lump in my throat, another icon of the sky departs for good. Farewell.

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