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Sometimes you just trip over something truly inspirational, yesterday at the Ideal Home Show was no exception. For many decades we have been aware in the media of the plight of Britain’s embattled farmers. Extreme weather events play a part but its the globalisation of food markets and competition between supermarkets that has probably had the biggest impact. Some farmers have gone out of business, others have diversified with farm parks and holiday lets. Farm shops have always been around and are a great way to support the farmer directly but the mass market either can’t get to them or its just too easy to pile everything into a trolley once a fortnight.

Well now its time for the digital age to play its role. With more and more people buying their groceries online from the big supermarkets and even Amazon recently getting in on the act, the opportunity is here for farmers to get their produce directly into the hands of the customer without the supermarket middle man taking their cut. There are already a hand full of farms selling direct on the internet and I can see this becoming a primary source of income for those able to adapt quickly enough.

At the ideal home show I got chatting to the guys on the Field & Flower stand, they were understandably enthusiastic to make some sales and build up their loyal customer base, but I was taken aback by the realisation that this is exactly the sort of thing I have been looking for, I just realise it. Year after year I have harped on about the provenance of our meat and how the British public themselves were driving the quality into the ground be demanding ever cheaper meat. If you always buy the cheapest supermarkets will fill the shelves with it and because its a highly competitive space they will find it cheaper and cheaper, until you end up with horse meat! No surprise really.

So I urge you to have a look at the option of buying your meat online, direct from the farmers. Field and Flower for instance guarantee free-range and grass-fed west Country meat sourced from a hand full of carefully selected farms. Why not total up how much you are about to spend on meat in that next big online grocery shop and compare what you could get from them but taking the benefits into account as well. At least you can be confident of the provenance and quality. Plus you can eat happily in the knowledge that you are directly supporting British farmers by cutting out the supermarket. Power to the people.

Fancy a 20% discount off a box from Field & Flower? This is how to claim it:

  1. Select or create a box on the site, then enter FRIEND2016 in the promo code box.
  2. Make sure you write in the friend referral box at checkout.
  3. Enjoy your discounted box.

Take a few minutes to listen to James and James talk about what they do:

field&flower from James Mansfield on Vimeo.

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