The Crowd

Abstract Crowd

I love my abstract photos, form and colour as the subject itself. Plus it makes a nice break from the mainstream. This was taken on the same day as the previous two street photographs and was very much opportunistic. A crowd had gathered outside the museum to see the Roald Dahl characters for the parade down the High Street.

There were lots of people taking pictures of the characters, a few of the crowds. I even framed a few shots myself but didn’t press the button. Why would I, there’s nothing unique to capture when a hundred cameras are snapping away from every angle. Why jockey for position to get a photo.

I was up on the 1st floor looking down at the hubbub below when I noticed the glass itself was old and wavy, occasionally pitted with small bubbles. Lovely, and much more interesting than the crowd below although. Then I saw one small pane in the window had been broken at some point and replaced with this beautiful glass with a wave design.

I had to get a photograph but what would I have in the background, the crowd of course, Colourful hats and costumes, perfect. Hence the title. This is an abstract crowd. I didn’t do any cropping or processing other than a small boost in saturation.

I hope you enjoy it as much as me, it’s now my desktop wallpaper.

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