Watching The World Go By

Watching the world go by

Having another bash at street photography and I know this is a cliché shot but I still like it very much.

I have always struggled with street photography, the worry about confrontation probably forefront. This can be overcome with a longer lens but that flattens the images and you don’t get such rich images. Yesterday I went out with a 50mm f1.8 which meant I had to get fairly close to the subjects. Things went better than I expected and I didn’t get harassed at all, maybe one or two WFT glares but that I can cope with. I had gone out armed with some tips and tricks thanks to Tom Warland who had earlier given a presentation on street photography at the Watford Museum and offered encouragement. Tom has an exhibition of his work at the Watford Museum if you fancy checking it out along with a bit of Watford’s history.

One piece of advice from Tom was shooting from the hip. I have a Sony Alpha (aka NEX) which has a nice bright flip screen, because it looked for all the world like I was just fiddling with my camera rather than taking a photo, I got away with much more than I would have been confident to do normally.

I don’t know what I was aiming for style wise, I guess for now its ok to just develop confidence with this kind of photography. Perhaps you have some tips or stories on street photography, feel free to share them in the comments, I’m always pleased to get feedback and advice.


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