Game Of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide To Westeros

Too old for pop-up books

I’m going to start with a confession, I  never managed to get into Game of Thrones, it just never really appealed. Now that’s out the way lets move on to the pop-up book. This is just a superb piece of design, I can’t see how anyone could be unimpressed by these books. I wouldn’t have said I could be into a pop-up book, probably because they are generically designed for children and not the child in us all. Not these beauties. These are something very different. I do love good design and these books immediately grabbed my attention. Check out the transformers book below where they actually transform!

About the author

All these fantastic books were designed by Matthew Reinhart, a New York based author of pop up books. His solo pop-up books include The Ark, Animal Popposites, The Jungle Book, Cinderella, The Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes, and STAR WARS: Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy. And according to his bio, he continues to work and live in New York City, cutting, taping and folding paper into pop-up masterpieces.

Follow the links in the ad below to find them all on amazon for about £25 each, a steal if you ask me.

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