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Many of you may already be familiar with TED (Technology Entertainment Design) but for those that aren’t, TED is a non-profit organisation bringing together truly inspirational people from all walks of life and all over the globe to talk about the fantastic things they do. The goal being to inspire, change attitudes and beliefs, change lives and to change the world for the better. Around these great thinkers is a community eager to absorb new knowledge and ideas at TED and TEDx events all over the world and there’s a huge library of past talks on video for everyone to access for free.

Whatever you are interested in there is certain to be one or many talks covering that subject but I whole heartedly urge you to watch some videos on other topics, I am constantly surprised and entertained by fascination talks on topics I wouldn’t normally partake in. Explore, learn, be entertained and be amazed!


The most inspirational

There are lots of videos I have really enjoyed and been inspired by but in the last few months this is by far the top of the pile for me. This if you haven’t had children you probably wont understand quite how amazing Sarah Grey is, but this moved me to tears the first time I watched it. The courage Sarah has not only to do what she did but to then be able to talk about it on stage and to encourage others to do the same, well its breath-taking.

After Sarah Gray’s unborn son Thomas was diagnosed with anencephaly, a terminal condition, she decided to turn her family’s tragedy into an extraordinary gift and donate his organs to scientific research. In this tribute to life and discovery, she shares her journey to find meaning in loss and spreads a message of hope for other grieving families.

Todays inspiration

This morning I watched the latest talk posted on the TED site, it’s about revolutionising science education. There are global problems we face today and in the race to combat them todays education system isn’t helping us at all, its killing inspiration and entrepreneurship to create drones. Anyway enough of my rant, because Michael Bodekaer has something much more inspirational to say about how he and his colleagues are already revolutionising science education, and who knows it could lead to changes across the board!

Virtual reality is no longer part of some distant future, and it’s not just for gaming and entertainment anymore. Michael Bodekaer wants to use it to make quality education more accessible. In this refreshing talk, he demos an idea that could revolutionize the way we teach science in schools.

Important messages don’t have to be boring

Here’s another talk on what’s wrong with todays education system, but be prepared to laugh because Sir Ken Robinson is both dry hilarious in his delivery. Enjoy…

Explore some more TED talks

You can brows talks by subject, pick from what’s trending now, the most popular videos or let TED decide what you should watch with the Surprise Me link. Whatever you fancy, go explore the site and be inspired.


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