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F35A Lightning II

F35A Lightning II

Taken at the 2016 Royal International Air Tattoo. For more of my photos from RIAT16 visit my Flickr album.  

Inspirational: TED Talks

Technology Entertainment Design Many of you may already be familiar with TED (Technology Entertainment Design) but for those that aren’t, TED is …

Farmers Fighting Back

Sometimes you just trip over something truly inspirational, yesterday at the Ideal Home Show was no exception. For many decades we have …

Purple Chips

Purple Chips

Guess it was about time I started posting some photos again, so here’s the first, taken just a few minutes ago. I …

3D TV Without Any Glasses

Haha brilliant but I can’t see this technology catching on. Sometimes it’s good to approach a problem from the opposite angle, sometimes …

VTOL Personal Aircraft Roundup

NASA joins the queue of aeronautics companies developing personal VTOL aircraft, and it’s a long queue. The “Puffin” as you will see from …

3D News Roundup (No.2)

As part of Sky’s preparations to launch its first 3D broadcast channel for launch this April it broadcast last weekend’s Arsenal v Manchester United premiership clash in 3D to nine pubs around the UK. Following on from that they are showing a Rugby game this weekend in pubs located in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin.

3D News Round Up

3D has become mainstream in our cinemas again, although for purely cynical reasons from the film studios part, a great way to …


The Known Universe

Want to know just how insignificant we really are? Here’s the video for you. It’s hard to even comprehend the mind numbingly …