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Time Traveller Wants To Come Home

Subject: Time Traveller Wants To Come Home Dr. Roj Blake Professor of Quantum Mechanics and Gravitational Time Dilation National Space Research and …

Forget global warming the end is nigh, again!

I recently wrote about the impending doom the world faces from those pesky Russians stealing the North Pole and wiping us all out. Well it seems they are repentant for this foul deed or at least for getting caught and plan to redeem them selves by saving us when Apophis the grim reaper from space arrives to wipe us all out.


The Known Universe

Want to know just how insignificant we really are? Here’s the video for you. It’s hard to even comprehend the mind numbingly …

Does water bounce?

  There’s nothing special in this video. No special water or additives. It’s just that the world gets absolutely crazy at 2,000 …

Anyone Want to Buy Some Uranium?

Now I would have thought that openly selling highly radioactive chunks of Uranium ore over the internet was something that just wouldn’t …